ZALORA Management Trainee Programme

At ZALORA, we offer great opportunities for students to explore their career options through our ZALORA Internship Programme. How about graduates seeking a dynamic career? Or those who are thinking of making an exciting career move? If you’re looking to change your career path, ZALORA Management Trainee Programme might be perfect for you.

So what is this programme all about? The Management Trainee Programme with ZALORA is a 16-month rotation programme that offers comprehensive, cross-functional experience in different business areas across three countries in Southeast Asia. Spots are limited and are only offered to top performing candidates.

Trainees will go through intensive on-the-job training preparing you for future management positions at ZALORA Group. You’ll get to manage major projects, this is a role that allows you to make important decisions daily that will have a direct impact on the company’s success. To enable you to achieve your full potential, a senior business leader will be assigned to coach and mentor you.

Want to know more? One of our current trainees from the programme share his story.

Dario La Torre is from Turin, a city in the North-West of Italy. His past jobs have allowed him to travel quite a bit from Dublin to Shanghai and now Kuala Lumpur!


What did you study in school and can you tell us a bit about your background/career path before joining ZALORA?

Right after high school I moved to Milan, where I got my Bachelor in Business Administration and Management. During those years I also lived five months in Dublin, Ireland for the Erasmus Programme. There, I decided to continue my international experience and I moved to Shanghai for the first year of my Master of Science in International Management. I spent 13 months in China, 10 at Fudan University and three month working at UCB, a Belgium Pharmaceutical company. Then I moved back to Milan, where I completed my Master Degree and I had a six-month experience at Luxottica Group. And now here I am!

What was the relocating process like? Moving from one country to another, working with different cultures.

It was not the first time that I moved to a different country or continent. However, this time my position is much longer and permanent and therefore the ‘relocation operations’ were more complex than the other times. I needed to empty my apartment in Milan, where I accumulated many stuff in five years and bring everything back to my hometown house in Turin. The positive experience of relocating is that you can throw away many useless objects and understand what it is really essential in live –  yourself and a 20 kg luggage!

I believe that there’s no superior culture in the world, but smart individuals should go around the world to observe what people of other cultures do and integrate positive aspects of the foreign culture in their own. I’m convinced that best results are achieved thanks to the balance of different positive components of different cultures. Thus, I am here to learn as much as possible from the local cultures I will be immersed in.

What inspired you to pursue a career with ZALORA and join the Management Trainee Programme?

I was looking for a new adventure, a new experience outside my comfort zone, in a fast moving and challenging environment. Furthermore, the Management Trainee Program in ZALORA would have allowed me to get to know many sides of the online fashion retail business.


Now that you have started your role, what do you find most challenging about your job?

When I have started doing Business Intelligence for the ZALORA Buying Department in Malaysia, the biggest challenge was to get to know the different software and ‘ internal languages’ needed to analyse data. Now, the biggest challenge is dealing every day with different problems and analysis. However, this is really positive because it allows me to learn different things and never get bored!

What would be your piece of advice for those who are looking to join ZALORA or the programme?

To join ZALORA you need strong motivation and enthusiasm. It’s very important to be curious, with entrepreneurial spirit, able to adapt very fast in different situations and environments. Finally, be natural and relax in all the interviews.

ZALORA Management Trainee could help you jump start a successful career. You will be an integral part of building a leading online fashion company and changing the way millions of people shop for fashion. Learn more about us at

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