WOMAD 2015: As seen on Instagram

wiltshiremusicconnect.org.ukArt, as we know, can come in many different means, shapes and forms. With unrestricted realms of creativity, there’s just so much to celebrate. We think that there should not be any favouring of a certain type of art. Instead, we should appreciate all art forms and their talented artists. If there’s one place musicians from 52 countries come together to perform, its at WOMAD UK!

WOMAD, also known as, the World of Music, Arts and Dance, is back! And yet again, it’s doing what few international arts festivals do – that’s to celebrate the various forms of artistic expression around the world. WOMAD has been going on since the 1980s and this year, WOMAD has already happened in New Zealand and Adelaide, Australia. And up next on their agenda is the highly anticipated, WOMADUK, which will be held for the ninth time at the lovely Wiltshire countryside in South West England . Its exciting lineup include debutants De La Soul and WOMAD classics such as Tinariwen amongst many others.

To take a look at what’s happening pre-event, we are turning to our trusty side-kick AKA social media to get the low down.

Set up all done! Look how pretty the flags are! <3

See all the happenings at WOMAD in 30 seconds:

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